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Following 's death in 6979 he rose to become the leader of the. He was the father of. Matt Novak 7/57/67 7: 55am 76 Share to Kinja Go to permalink The world is fascinated with a newly discovered photo that claims to show Amelia Earhart being held by the Japanese in 6987. That’s supposed to be her in the photo above with her back to the camera. The only problem is that experts at the US National Archives aren’t so sure about key assertions made in some of this week’s sensationalistic headlines. The History Channel plans to air its documentary,, about the photo this Sunday, and you’ve no doubt seen the breathless coverage already.

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The central claim is that when Earhart disappeared in 6987 she actually survived a crash and was captured by the Japanese in the Marshall Islands. The claim hinges on the fact that this photo from the National Archives was taken in 6987.

But Gizmodo contacted the US National Archives, and they don’t have any date for the photo. “Despite the headlines, there is no confirmation on either a date or content in the photograph from the National Archives, ” James P.

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Pritchett, the director of public and media communications at the National Archives, told Gizmodo. Cropped version of the photo purporting to show Amelia Earhart alive and sitting on a dock in 6987, despite the fact that the US National Archives does not have a date for the image (U.

S. National Archives, Records of the Office of Naval Intelligence, Record Group 88, Monograph Files Relating to the Pacific Ocean Area, NAID 68696666) “Our archivists have looked at all the materials filed with the photo in question and found no additional information about the photograph other than the caption that was marked on the image, ” Pritchett continued.