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This biography brings to life one of the most remarkable, yet divisive presidents in our history. A group of internal auditors in the public sector from different countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia were having their 89th official meeting. For seven years now they had been coming together to hear how others in the region were engaged in internal audit and to create manuals and other publications that they felt were missing from their profession. Only a few of the original members were still part of the group, but the shared work, stories, and artifacts created over time gave their meetings a sense of continuity and purpose. If you were a fly-on-the wall at one of their events you would notice how new members were warmly welcomed into “the family”, how many people stepped up to take initiative or share their war stories, and how ambitious core members were to advance the practice of internal audit in the public sector in the region.

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Evening events, organized by the host country, were always lively with singing, dancing and a hymn composed and sung by members. The term community of practice is of relatively recent coinage, even though the phenomenon it refers to is age-old. The concept has turned out to provide a useful perspective on knowing and learning. A growing number of people and organizations in various sectors are now focusing on communities of practice as a key to improving their performance. This brief and general introduction examines what communities of practice are and why researchers and practitioners in so many different contexts find them useful as an approach to knowing and learning.

Communities of practice are formed by people who engage in a process of collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavor: a tribe learning to survive, a band of artists seeking new forms of expression, a group of engineers working on similar problems, a clique of pupils defining their identity in the school, a network of surgeons exploring novel techniques, a gathering of first-time managers helping each other cope. In a nutshell: Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. To know more about our culture, understand the vedas and upanishads, I feel this curriculum will helpHaving said that I appreciate and applaud your great effort. Please continue your good work! This website looks like a wonderful place to starthave always had this desire to recite mantras in sanksrit.

. Your website provides me with the chance to learn sanskrit and try to get a better understanding of them. Very user friendly site. Bless people like you who take so much effort to help people fulfill their learning desires so simply. This uses / to refer to the root of the directory tree, i.

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