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              The results applied in this study shape a section of a larger research that constituted an analysis of some Serious Case Reviews implemented in the United Kingdom from the time of the emergence of In Safe Hands and No Secrets. Moreover, interviews through cell phones with some experts knowledgeable in such reviews, and study of some Serious Case Review reports played a significant role in this study (Manthorpe Martineau, 7565). Complete reports of Serious Case Reviews are not easily accessible online or publicly and thus, in the aforementioned reviews, Safeguarding Adults Coordinators (earlier referred to as Adult Protection Coordinators) were called forth to provide Serious Case Review reports that their Board members had earlier commissioned. The Serious Case Review reports differed in volume from 8 to 98 pages. Because this review focused on learning if the reports clearly handled a number of these aspects thus permitting for assessment of the intelligibility and rigidity of the practice, this review applied full reports. Moreover, there exists an appealing balance in a question involving the major narrative, defining the occurrence and its forerunners, and the bureaucratic nature of the proposals (Benbow, 7558). The Foreign Affairs Anthology Series is sponsored byThe Foreign Affairs Anthology Series is sponsored by

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Two areas of such effects were discussed in the paper the impact on childhood literacy and whether critical periods hypothesis (CHP) holds. Bilingualism has been shown to affect a number of language development aspects. Most of these being in respect to vocabulary. By affecting such aspects, bilingualism curtails proficiency in the second language (most often the language of instruction) thus may adversely affect a child’s learning outcomes. With regard to the CHP hypothesis, adult native proficiency in a second language may not be entirely limited to encounter with the language at defined critical periods. Other variables such as the desire to be perceived as natives and opportunities accorded to such adults may influence progression towards native proficiency in a language. The similarity and differences in the two languages and the frequency of using the second language may be more significant of native proficiency attainment than age per se. Ben-Zeev, S. The influence of bilingualism on cognitive strategy and cognitive development. Child Development, 98, 6559-6568. Doi: 65.6666/6967-8679. Ep65958667. Birdsong, D Molis, M. On the evidence for maturational constraints in second-language acquisition. Journal of Memory and Language, 99, 785-799.

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