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B6 a short piece of writing about a subject, especially one written by a studentAdd the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you are never again lost for words. While taking English courses in high school and college, you'll likely be assigned to write essays. While writing an essay for an English class may seem overwhelming, it does not have to be. If you give yourself plenty of time to plan out and develop your essay, then you will not have to stress about it. Español: Italiano: Português: Deutsch: Русский: Français: Bahasa Indonesia: Nederlands: 中文: 日本語: العربية: 한국어: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 6,759,769 times. B6 a short piece of writing on a particular subject, especially one done by students as part of the work for a course: › literature a short piece of writing on a particular subject, often expressing personal views› In a school test, an essay is a written answer that includes information and discussion, usually to test how well the student understands the subject.

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Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. World’s top 85 leading universities are located in countries where English is spoken as an official language, for example, Australia, the USA and the UK. Also, many global organisations such as the United Nations, the World Bank and the OPEC have adopted English is one of their official languages for their general meetings (Crystal, 6997). As a result, the increasing use of English can narrow the gap between people with different languages and also assist in interchanging information from a party to another The spread of English began in the nineteenth century due to different factors such as migration of English-speaking individuals and technological and scientific advances occurred in English-speaking countries. Since then it has been in a continued growth, reaching today global status and winning the title of international language Therefore, the study of this phenomenon and the study of English’s evolution is a subject of major interest because of its multitude of cultural, political, economical secondary languages taught and over the course of time Hindu replaces Chinese as the 8rd most widely spoken language for a large period of time, then Hindu would then be added to that list of secondary languages taught. This may not be the best method to better embrace diversity and assimilation but I look at many of my friends from Europe. They often times know at least three languages and speak them fluently by the time they graduate college. However, many American know roughly one language and barely children of low income families. While this benefitted many inner city children, it did not target students who suffered specifically from language barriers. An act known as, The Bilingual Education Act, is noted as the first official federal recognition of the needs of students with limited English speaking ability. This act supports programs for educating language-minority students and funded by the federal law it provides legal guidelines for transitional bilingual education programs. Grants funded A working knowledge of English has become a requirement in a number of fields, occupations and professions such as medicine and as a consequence over a billion people speak English to at least a basic level (see English language learning and teaching). . Showed first 755 charactersA working knowledge of English has become a requirement in a number of fields, occupations and professions such as medicine and as a consequence over a billion people speak English to at least a basic level (see English language learning and teaching).

Showed next 755 characters In the past, large organizations have implemented language assessments aimed to assess learners ability in the use of language in higher education. These high stake tests plays a vital role when decisions made on individual performance and its outcome is considered as a diagnosis of the learners ability. Among these performance, the International English Language Testing System ( IELTS) writing score is considered by most universities a benchmark against learners success in higher education. This has English is the widely used language on earth. Most international organizations in the likes of UN, Security Council, and IMF mostly use English as their primary language in communication. Somebody will argue here that it is because the headquarters of the organizations is found on English speaking countries. That argument is allowed. Despite this progress made by English as a language on an international platform, it is facing extinction. The emergence of short message texting is killing the once English is the Global Language of today. There is great controversy circumventing this view. Although there are positive outcomes, the negatives outbalance them to some extent as it means that many languages will die out as a result. As a global lingua franca, English has the puissance to enhance communication between individuals, being particularly favourable and propitious in the area of economics and trade. Despite this, it has persistently been the substratum for the death of numerous other languages The Proto-Indo-European language was more complex than English today. It is possible to reconstruct three genders (masculine, feminine, and neuter) and up to eight cases (nominative, vocative, accusative, genitive, dative, ablative, locative, instrumental). Adjectives agreed in case, number, and gender with the noun. The verb system was also rich in inflections, used for aspect, mood, tense, voice, person, and number. Different grammatical forms of a word were often related by the feature of ablaut BFF, LMAO, BRB and, these invalid word forms are only the hurting the language itself.

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Text speaking has become so prevalent in society that now the Oxford Dictionary’s newest edition includes several of these phrases. A lot of teen aged kids would have no struggle with defining these abbreviations. However, the older generation such as the baby boomers may be scratching their heads in confusion, this is not the English language that they have known or grown custom to. Point being, we are in the generation Term paper or essay, thesis or report – we take care of any kind of writing and make it highly customized. Order academic content and get it perfectly done. We apply effective research methods to dig out topic-relevant and credible information. We explore the topic deeply to come up with useful data for the future paper. Our experts have advanced computer skills. We create compelling visuals and accurate statistics projects. Get unique solutions for your presentation. No error or typo can escape our sharp editor's eye. We also do plagiarism scanning so that you can be sure your paper is 655% original. No delays! This is one of our priorities. We work fast and follow the deadline you set. The paper is delivered at an agreed time or even earlier. Our qualified writers can cope with any paper, whether it’s a simple essay or a complicated dissertation.

All topics and paper types are available. Flawless papers is our top priority. Your task will be formatted in required style and thoroughly checked for any type of mistakes. We deliver only unique papers. Written from scratch, they are verified on modern software to ensure 655% content originality. Writing a case project with us means a positive result. Rest assured your assigned writer will do deep research to craft a winning case study. Got complex lab report? We can tailor a lab report on Biology, Chemistry or Physics. Our writers will precisely follow your instructions. Use these sample AP English essays to get ideas for your own AP essays. These essays are examples of good AP-level writing. Do you know someone rich and famous? Is he confident, popular, and joyful all of the time—the epitome of mainstream success? Or, on the other hand, is he stressed, having second thoughts about his life choices, and unsure about the meaning of his life? I am willing to be that it is the second one.

What is mankind? Who am I? What is the meaning of life? These are multifaceted existential questions that ancient and modern philosophies have yet to adequately answer. Countless philosophers have spent their lifetimes in search of answers to these questions but died before finding a suitable answer. When you are writing a for an AP English Language or AP English Literature prompt you need to make sure that you use to describe the. Here are 85 tone and attitude words to spruce up your essays. During the Civil War era there existed many factions seeking to dramatically change America. Remarkable speakers spread their ideas through oratory, thrilling their audiences through powerful speeches that appealed to both emotion and logic. Frederick Douglass, a black American, fought for black. Have you ever dream about getting an ability to write qualitative English essays from scratch? Of course, it would be a very useful ability for university or college students, because they are always assigned with tons of essays, reviews and research papers. Though writing essays doesn’t seem a difficult task at the first blush, unfortunately, the number of students who face various problems with their studying is quite large.

These students certainly need some extra help in order not to worsen their college or university grades. But it’s not always easy to find a reliable source of help. Though the number of online essay writing companies is very large, you must be extremely selective once you have decided to deal with one of them.