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Colour, in film, has gone on quite a journey: from the trivial and fanciful use of colour in early cinema, to the tonal and emotional, then the realistic and over-sober, and back to its comfortable middle-ground of visceral engagement. The first uses of colour came in the form of film tinting, whereby a part of black and white film would be hand painted – whether that be a whole scene, only a frame, or even a single object. This quickly become a popular way of setting the tone of a scene: by tinting the frame orange a filmmaker could show a scene was hot, or tinting it blue could show cold, etc. From there, filmmakers developed upon this new technique and began using colour to trigger emotional responses from their audiences. This tinting became so popular some film manufacturers started selling pre-tinted film stock.

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However, with the development of true colour film – which could, quite accurately, render real life in full colour – the use of colour tinting slowed, and with it the use of colour pallets to represent emotion. Thankfully, this reserved use of colour died down, and today almost all directors/cinematographers use colour to help tell their stories. Below is a list of notable films which use colour to represent a change in narrative, and/or emotion. Here's my video with Signature for on the importance of finding community in these turbulent times: Since the (leaked! ) announcement of the film adaptation of Boy Erased 9 days ago, I've received so much support from the LGBTQ community and our allies.

I'm so grateful for this moment, and for Anonymous Content, Joel Edgerton, and the entire production team for choosing to honor my story. A few well-intentioned and important criticisms have also emerged re: queer representation. I'll list them below and offer my thoughts. The goal of this is to open up an honest dialogue about a complicated issue, and to offer up what I believe (after months of working closely w the film's creative team) is the film's stance. So grateful these straight men get to tell our stories!

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I trust their point of view about lgbtq issues! ! This criticism comes from a great place: people trying to protect my story and the stories of other conversion therapy survivors. These are the kinds of questions we need to be asking when Hollywood wants to take on one of our stories. We have been burned.

For every Brokeback Mountain (straight actors, director, writer but great representation IMO), there is a Stonewall (representation was bad, but bad not because of a lack of queer involvement, rather a lack of diversity in casting, etc. ). Representation matters, and when I was growing up closeted in Arkansas, it was a matter of life and death. I remember seeing stereotyped versions of queer people on the screen, and turning away out of shame. None of us wants to be portrayed in the same hackneyed manner as some of the worst examples (I started to make a list, but the list is endless). Http:

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