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How to Pay Someone With a PayPal Account If You Don t Have

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Русский: Nederlands: العربية: ไทย: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 776,878 times. How to Pay Someone With a PayPal Account If You Don't Have One by John Machay Making a credit or debit card payment through PayPal is quick and easy. Whereas PayPal once allowed unregistered users to send money to people with PayPal accounts, the widely-used website now requires first-time visitors to sign up when making a payment or sending money.

Securely Send Money Online amp Money Transfer with PayPal

The good news is the website uses the information you enter for the payment to activate your account, so the only extra time you’ll spend doing it is however long it takes to create a password. 6. Navigate to PayPal’s homepage. Click “Send Money” near the top of the screen, which opens the “Send Money Now” page. 7. 8. Enter the exact amount you wish to pay in the blank field under the word “Amount.

” Select the type of currency (U. S. Dollars, Euros, Japanese yen, etc. ) in the drop-down menu to its right. Asking if you should pay someone to do your taxes is a little like asking if you should pay someone to fix your plumbing. Some people enjoy doing their own home improvement projects while others are quick to hire a professional to come in and fix the faucet. It s the same when it comes to preparing your own tax return.

Whether you pay someone depends on your tolerance for details and crushing numbers. If calculations are your thing, you re probably fine forging ahead on your own although you might want to keep a tax professional on speed-dial because you ll probably have questions as you go along. Otherwise, you might want to pay someone else to deal things with tax time. One nice thing about preparing your tax return yourself is that it s free, at least if you do it manually. But this takes a lot of time and patience. The IRS estimates that it takes the average person about   to prepare a tax return. Of course, the amount of time depends on the complexity of your financial situation.

And as they say, time is money. If you decide to prepare your tax return the good, old-fashioned way, start by downloading the relevant forms and instructions from the Internal Revenue Service. Don t forget to get a state return from your state s tax department website as well.