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Join forces with us against the root causes of global poverty, inequality and injustice. We believe that another world is possible. We join forces with thousands of other networks, groups and social movements in the struggle for a better world. The commitment of our many thousands of supporters, members, activists, affiliates and donors is crucial to growing the movement for global justice. There are lots of ways to get involved and join our fight against greed and oppression. War on Want works directly with inspirational grassroots groups of people who are on the front line of the battle against poverty and injustice. Israel’s blacklist targeting international charities and human rights organisations such as War on Want is part of a wider crackdown on BDS.

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It is a desperate attempt to silence a growing movement that is holding Israel to account for its systematic abuse of Palestinian rights and persistent violations of international law. Rise Up. Get Into The Streets.

Unite With People Everywhere to Build Up Resistance in Every Way You Can. Don’t Stop: Don’t Conciliate.

The World Can t Wait Stop the Crimes of Your Government

Don’t Accommodate. Don’t Collaborate. Some tweet at Starbucks against war, the madman at the helm oppression, occupation of the land mind poverty, homelessness decadence.

Some march and picket, sing and chant against the awful crimes of our own government where criminals come to give their speeches. In the weeks of the winter holidays - spending time with my family, cooking, sending cards, buying presents - I had gnawing at me that knowledge that I would be writing this new year's bulletin. We invite you to join Witness Against Torture and partner organizations for a series of events in Washington, DC, calling for closing Guantanamo and ending torture.

Highlights include: Which of the admired Civil War generals would you want to lead your army? The Confederate general Stonewall Jackson was accidentally shot by his own men during a major Civil War battle, but it wasn t his wounds that killed him eight days later.

How exactly did the commander die? What you think you know about the Civil War may not be the whole truth. America is at the brink of a Civil War as cotton spreads west and threatens to expand slavery into new territories.