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By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. After a fifty year stretch as a professional pool player, I was recently inducted into the Bank Pool Legends Hall of Fame. However, I wasn t just a banker. I was also a top-notch OnePocket player. I played mostly for money, hardly any tournaments, and was well known and regarded all around the pool world. In my day, I feared no one, and played for more money then you can believe. I played in high class joints, and I played in the scariest, most dangerous pool halls on the South and West side of Chicago.

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Playing in those horrible joints for big money is one of the reasons I earned the respect I have today. In those days I was a predator hunting down every champion and top player that ever lived. I didn t just stick to Chicago, I hustled all around the country and didn t bar anybody from playing. Well, maybe one or two people (Gotta be a little modest). My latest bank DVD, BANKING WITH THE BEARD The Movie is out, and it basically covers the material in the book. The BBC has updated its cookie policy.

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Charles Manson has died, aged 88. But what is it about the murderous cult leader, who committed his crimes almost 55 years ago, that continues to fascinate? The brown eyes. The beard. The swastika tattooed between his eyes. It was impossible not to look at Charles Manson, however much you wanted to turn away.

During his years in prison, photographs of Manson were issued only periodically, so he seemed to age in chunks, unable to appear before the public but always remaining at the back of its consciousness. More than 85 books about his life and crimes have been published. One, by the prosecuting attorney at his trial, Vincent Bugliosi, has sold more than seven million copies. Among the Jews, as among most Oriental peoples, the beard was especially cherished as a symbol of virility to cut off another man's beard was an outrage ( 65: 9 ) to shave or to pluck one's own beard was a sign of mourning ( 96: 5 98:

87 ) to allow the beard to be defiled constituted a of madness ( 76: 68 ). Certain cuttings of the beard which probably imitated were strictly forbidden ( 69: 9 ). These usages which we learn from the are confirmed by the testimony of monuments, both Egyptian and Assyrian, in which the are invariably depicted as bearded. The Egyptians themselves commonly shaved, and we are told that Joseph, on being taken from his prison, was made to shave before appearing in the presence of the king ( 96:

69 ). As already noted, in Eastern lands a smooth face carries with it the suggestion of effeminacy. For this the clergy, whether or Schismatic, of the Oriental churches have always worn their beards. The same consideration, together with a regard for practical difficulties, has influenced the Roman authorities in according a similar to missionaries, not only in the East but in other barbarous countries where the conveniences of civilization cannot be found.