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Add a braid or add a few, and imbue your blowout with a trendy Grecian-Goddess-meets-Boho-Chic twist. The interest in angels (like the interest in dinosaurs) has really increased in the last few years. Unfortunately, some web sites and books contain very little factual information about angels. This is unfortunate, since the facts about angels are more interesting than the fantasized accounts any day! Although the bible refers to angels in many ways, for now, we will consider three forms of angels: This happens many times in the bible. Most translations refer to this as the Angel of the L ORD. The first example occurs in Genesis, chapter 66 where the Angel of the L ORD appears to a servant of Abraham (the person whose story the Bible is relating at that time). How do we know this angel we meet in verse 7 is actually God? We have two sources of evidence. First, if you read the language, it sounds like God. The second reason we think the Angel of the L ORD is God, is because the servant says so in verse 68. Now, we admit that if this was an isolated incident that our argument would seem weak but meetings of this type occurred many times.

That being said, we realize that it is possible to get the wrong idea that the angels and God are about the same only looking different because they are taking on different forms. This is a illogical jump in thought that the Bible does not support. It is one thing for God to appear as an angel and it is something quite different for God to be an angel. If you would like to look into this further, find a concordance (a listing of the words of the Bible) and look up the word angel. Under angel, you will find angel, angel of God, angel of the L ORD, and so forth each referencing a text in the Bible. Read each text and make your own decision! For your convenience, we have an online Bible with a word search feature that acts as a concordance. You can access it by clicking this sentence. By the way, angels are not called angels every time they appear in the Bible. See Ezekiel Chapter 8, verse 7 (Ezekiel 8: 7) for an interesting example. This is the most commonly stated purpose of angels in the Bible and now we are talking about regular angels, too! Although God sometimes communicated with people personally (as above), He usually communicated with them through an angel. Sometimes the Bible text tells us the angel s name.

This happened three times with the angel Gabriel, who visited Daniel, Zechariah, and Mary. (See Daniel chapter 8, and Luke chapter 6.