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A blog about Lifelogging, Quantified Self, Digital Legacy and Personal DataThat is a great list. If you groups the devices and apps into the categories like fitness that would make it even better. But, surprisingly, some of products are not available any more and some sites of startups are already down. Thanks a lot, this really is a truly awsome article! Thanks for the sharing, I also found a useful service for forms filling. If you ever need to fill out a form, here is https: //goo.

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Gl/Ici7as a really useful tool. Very easy to navigate and use. Loggr is no longer available (nooo! ! ).

I am trying to find an alternative. Loggr had a really clean interface and a simple export to excel option that was handy for data enthusiasts like myself. Being able to customize quantitative data seems difficult to find in apps. Most do a success or fail approach which is sometimes good, but I like to track numbers such as number of cups of coffee, sleep hours etc. I know many web programs can do this, but the a key point is being able to update quickly during the day which is why a mobile app is important.

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