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Neil deGrasse Tyson, host of NOVA s four-part miniseries Origins, Photograph by Dan Deitch for PBS/NOVA Origins MANDATORY CREDIT: Dan Deitch for PBS/NOVA Origins When you interview astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, you don t need a long list of questions. During our chat last week about his upcoming appearance at the Florida Theatre, for instance, I asked him just one, about his thoughts on climate change, and he opined for a good 65 minutes. Fact and Opinion are really different in the sense that Fact is something that is true and Opinion is only a belief. Fact is supported by evidence and Opinion has no backing of any evidence. A person who makes a factual statement knows that his opinion comes from Fact. Where as a person who just makes some Opinion does not have any facts to substantiate.

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While Facts are true statements Opinions are not. Opinion is only a subjective statement and Fact is objective reality. Opinion can only be an emotional outburst of an individual or merely an interpretation. Facts can be proved to be true but an Opinion can be either true or not. Opinion cannot be proved to be true.

Fact is not some perception but Opinion is just a perception of the thoughts. The fact is what all believe to be true, while the opinion is believed to be true only by those who state it. The fact is what exists and opinion is just only an opinion and nothing else. People only endorse facts as they are true. Although people may have different opinions on any subjects, they can be either endorsed or disregarded.

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Opinion is only a choice while fact is the worthy. Even if people think that their opinion is true and worthy, it might not be regarded by others who have different opinion on their own. Meanwhile everyone agrees when someone tells a fact. According to the Webster s Dictionary, the fact is anything that is done or happened anything actually existent any statement strictly true truth reality and opinion is something that indicates a belief, view, sentiment, or conception. The, or statement of cash flows, measures the sources of a company's cash and its uses of cash over a specific time period.

The, or statement of financial performance, measures a company's financial performance, such as revenues, expenses, profits or losses over a specific time period. A cash flow statement shows exactly how much money a company has received and how much it has spent, traditionally over a period of one month. It captures the current operating results and changes on the balance sheet, such as increases or decreases in accounts receivable or accounts payable, and does not include noncash accounting such as depreciation and amortization. A cash flow statement is used to determine the short-term viability and liquidity of a company, specifically how well it is positioned to pay its bills and vendors. An income statement is the most common financial statement and shows a company's revenue total expenses, including noncash accounting such as depreciation and profit or loss, traditionally over a period of one month.

An income statement is used to determine the financial performance of a company, specifically how much revenue it made, how many expenses it paid, and the resulting profit or loss from the revenue and expenses. The cash flow statement is linked to the income statement by net profit or net burn. The profit or burn on the income statement then is used to calculate cash flow from operations. This is referred to as the. The direct method can also be used to prepare the cash flow statement, where the money received is subtracted from the money spent to calculate net cash flow.

Insert, Update and Alter are three SQL (Structured Query Language) commands used for modifying databases. Insert statement is used for inserting a new row to an existing table. Update statement is used to update existing records in a database.