The famous phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention” means a lot if we go in to depth of it. This phrase takes us into that time when life of mankind began and started to do efforts for their better living. The tagline contains the huge summary of life about which we have given some essays. We have given here number of essays divided into two categories. One is “Long essay on necessity is the mother of invention” and other is “Short essay on necessity is the mother of invention”. In this category, three essays are given with words count of 655, 755 and 855 words. “Necessity is the mother of invention” is the English proverb written by unknown author in 6569.

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It contains the real fact of human living and experiences through the journey of life. Without need, invention would not be possible and without invention life would not be so easy and comfortable as it is in current time. History of human being since starting includes unlimited inventions in different forms whether it was creation of fire or the achievement of walking to the moon. Necessity has always inspired human to invent something for better living. Without invention we cannot even imagine our world. Human nature is full of expectations and demands which has pushed them to invent new inventions and creations. That’s why someone has written this tag line as phrase that “necessity is the mother of invention”. Various great inventions have been made till now about which no one even thought or expected before. Some of the great scientists have registered their name as inventor of inventions that has changed the entire world. Previously, inventions were made because of the basic needs. Fire was created to avoid darkness, using fire food was made tasty, to face wild animals weapons were created, to rescue from hot and cold man created clothes, idea of cropping came in someone’s mind and using wood people started making house for shelter. These were previous and basic inventions by the human kind. Later on, to make life smooth and easy, people invented wheel, railway engine, electric bulb, telephone, glider, television, printing press and many more. Needs of human never ended that compels people to invent or create something new and useful. The process of inventions has been going on since centuries and nobody knows that for how long it will continue further. What mainly differentiates men from animals is that man has evolved his personality and has invented several devices for his benefit, comfort and progress which animals have not. If, however, we study this point from another angle, we ll realize that all progress has been possible because of longing for things and his necessity to do, achieve and have certain things. When a man needs a thing, he tries to have it. He adopts the methods of beg, borrow or steal. But these methods are valid and applicable only if the object desired and required already exists. But if man just imagines an object that he needs and requires for any purpose, he has to invent or discover it. In earliest times, man invented fire by rubbing wooden sticks or stones as he wanted first to warm himself and then to eat baked or roasted meat which could be more palatable and more easily digestible.

Similarly, means of agriculture and irrigation were discovered as man wanted to grow crops for cereals and other kinds of food. In the same manner, other discoveries and inventions were made. Most important among these are electricity, boat, X-Ray, surgery and so on. In modern times, we have TV, computer, telephone, satellites, bombs, trains, aero planes, internet, fax and innumerable other discoveries and inventions. All of them are there to fulfill man s one or the other requirement. Still, the question is: Can all our necessities be assured and fulfilled through inventions? For instance, can we have the means to read the minds of cheats, swindlers, thieves, scam steers, etc. From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Credits - Computer translations are provided by a combination of our statistical machine translator,,, Systran and Worldlingo. Help rating similar searches: Meaning:  The meaning of the proverb Necessity is the mother of invention is that when we stand in dire need of a thing, we can never rest satisfied until we get it. We strain every nerve to have it, as if some inward force were compelling us to act. Most of the great and good things of the world are the products of divine discontent in the mind of man. When a man feels the pinch of hunger, it cannot be said that his want is trifling it is then a pressing want, for unless it is satisfied, he will die or starvation. When human wants becomes necessity, it impel a man to action. It is to remove want that he works. This want may be of various degrees. It may be trivial or it may be pressing. All the articles we use in our daily life are the products of man’s endeavor to get what becomes a necessity for him. Human need makes an article a necessity. Even luxuries have been invented to remove some sort of want, want of ease and comfort. Without the want of money no one would strive to be rich and without feeling the bitterness of cold, no one would exert himself to make clothes for covering the body.

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Necessity makes us bold, hardy and adventurous. The present greatness of Great Britain is primarily due to this fact. Britain, being an island cut off from the rest of Europe, has to depend even for foodstuff on other countries. So, the Britishers are compelled to go abroad. They would have remained confined within their own land, had they found their country self-sufficient. It is Britain’s wants that had sent her sons all over the world, and the result was that they had established supremacy over a large portion of the globe. According to Webster’s dictionary, education is defined by the development and training of one’s mind, character, and skills, as by instruction, study, or example and the knowledge and skill resulting from such instruction and training. By this definition, one might argue that being educated means that you are trained or specialized to do only one thing. I believe as well as many others I have talked to about this subject that an education constitutes far more than just being trained or specialized Often family members felt that bilingual education should be mandatory in public schools however, the non-English speaking adults in the household made no attempt to become English-speaking members of the community. I have even witnessed instances where one parent was bilingual yet continued to use the Spanish language as the primary language of the household. If the English-speaking member of the household is not willing to assist the other members of the family in learning and using English The main question directing this exploration is: what is the current state of the federal policy on bilingual education as a media of instruction at the elementary and secondary levels? Though there is no perfect approach to understanding the political complexity of how the policy evolved, given the interplay of ideologies amongst the players, a brief history of the policy cycle may suffice. . Establishment of context, trend In addition, these individuals can add more diversity to the nation from their variety of cultures and backgrounds. Another reason that bilingual education should be taught in United States classrooms deals with the attitude a child has with respect to the different subjects taught in school. Haladyna, Shaughnessy, and Shaugnessy illustrate a very important concept in their essay “A Casual Analysis of Attitude towards Mathematics”: “a positive attitude towards mathematics (as well addition, another reason why scientific education is so important is because of its impact. Many of the great rational minds of the world have benefited from scientific education. From the beginnings of logical thinking, to the advanced academic societies we have now, scientific education has been used and taught every step of the way. People should know that “it is extremely important that today’s children understand the [impact] of what is happening to our planet and to help take steps to alter If necessity is the mother of invention then curiosity is its father Rupal Bhadu. Everyone says that necessity is the mother of invention and rightly so because had it not been for necessity we would still be living in the stone ages.

Man learnt to hunt, cook, make houses, etc. All this was done to fulfill his basic needs. Necessity gives birth to inventions. We tend to invent something because we need it. Even today necessity has us strapping on our thinking caps and inventing new things to make life easier. Well everyone says that necessity is the mother but what about the father of invention. People have different believes as far as the father of invention is concerned. Some say it is boredom, some say its greed, some creativity, according to some its diligence and some like me believe its curiosity. Curiosity is the natural inquisitive behavior that leads to investigation, exploration and learning which in turn are the first steps towards an invention. If Newton had not been curious as to why the apple fell on his head we would not know what gravity is. Well we all know about the Wright brothers, they wanted to fly, they were curious as to how would the world look from high above. When they told people about their dream to fly everyone thought that they were mad. Had it not been for there this curiosity we would not have airplanes today. Many new things were invented because some great people had this curiosity relating to certain things and tried their best to satiate their curiosity. People, today, are curious as to the workings of the world around them and in order to satiate this curiosity they tend invent new things which can help them to discover and solve the complexities related to the intricate workings of the universe. It is curiosity that has the power to generate truth, widen the horizons of our foresight, and to create wonders from what was once just a necessity. A great inventor is one who can channel his curiosity to create things that no one could think of as possible. Curiosity and necessity along with many other factors has brought us today a long way from the stone ages. I would like to end by saying that yes necessity gives birth to invention but it is curiosity that goads to further invention just like a father does. Get the grade or your money back Plagiarism-free Delivered on timeGet the grade or your money back Plagiarism-free Delivered on timeDisclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

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