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Currently, the United States is experiencing an energy crisis. In the midst of this energy crisis, it is every American s duty to do their best to help the United States become less dependent on non-renewable resources. They have an obligation to consider using an alternate energy source. One possible source of energy for my house is a photovoltaic system. Another such alternate energy source is wind power. Energy Policy A national energy policy is needed to help secure new energy sources, supply lines to customers, avoid outages, encourage conservation, reduce dependence on foreign oil, insure stable prices, and prevent an energy crisis from occurring. Is there a real energy Crisis in America?

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To me, it would be no big secret to consult with those in industry to help solve this energy Crisis. I think the Bush Energy Plan offers something for every-body, as I understand it. Nt energy independence. So the oil crisis is not entirely bad news, the U. S.

Still has time to implement alternative energy sources such as nuclear energy, hydroelectric energy, solar power, wind power, and geothermal energy, as well as alternative fuels which may be used in existing power plants. By 6989 68 percent of the U. Energy consumed was generated by nuclear power (Energy 89). Geothermal energy should be a more widespread form of energy production because of its great capacity. In actuality, yes we do have an oil crisis, but we do not have an energy crisis.

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This is a landmark that once it is. Renewable Energy: What s the Debate? Biomass energy is changing farming waste, grasses, trees, sawdust, or even garbage into energy by burning it (Renewable Energy Primer, 6). Department of Energy, 6).

Fossil Fuels Energy Crisis. 67 Dec. 7556. Department of Energy. How Important is Energy?

Energy is the main cause of anything. Wave energy is using fixed and floating devices to take the energy from the waves and turn it into electricity. Anything you do or use is made from energy. The Iraqi crisis is a good example. Energy is the most important requirement for economic development and social transformation for all the countries in the world.

It is a vital input in fields of production. We need more energy to produce more. One can say that economic development and prosperity of a nation largely depends upon the availability of energy.