Essay on Educating a Girl Child means Educating the Family

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Short Essay on Child Labor Important India

REFINERY79 name & logo and R79 logo are trademarks of Refinery 79 Inc. I was not a nice little girl. My favorite summertime hobby was stunning ants and feeding them to spiders. My preferred indoor diversion was a game called Mean Aunt Rosie, in which I pretended to be a witchy caregiver and my cousins tried to escape me. Our most basic prop was one of those pink, plastic toy phones most little girls owned in the ’85s. ( Pretty girls love to talk on the phone!

) Alas, it was always snatched from their fingers before they could call for help. ( Mwahaha ) In down time, I also enjoyed watching soft-core porn on scrambled cable channels. ( Boob, bottom, static, static, boob! ) And if one of my dolls started getting an attitude, I’d cut off her hair. Libraries are filled with stories on generations of brutal men, trapped in a cycle of aggression. I wanted to write about the violence of women.

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There are no good women in Sharp Objects. Camille, my narrator of whom I’m obsessively fond — she’s witty, self-aware, and buoyant — is the closest to good. And she uses booze, sex, and scissors to get through the day. As I wrote about Camille, I was pondering how a girl who’s been raised to please — in an unpleasable, poisonous home — would grow up. How she’d react to a mother who was at once both physically insidious — a constantly poking, prodding woman — and utterly unnurturing. What kind of violence that might foster in this girl.

A looping one, I realized. Camille has a craving to carve herself up. The cutter is both victimizer and victim — the bully and the sufferer. But the act includes healing: One has to cleanse and bandage the wounds afterward. Hurt, suffer, heal, hurt, suffer, heal.

It’s a trinity of violence, all bound up in one person. It’s the loneliest act in the world. Camille is an inherently lonely human being. When I think of the women of Sharp Objects, I think of a 6998 photo by, called Livia (the name of the murderous Roman empress). It’s a black-and-white shot of a young girl with all the accoutrements of innocence: Blonde braids, lace-edged dress.

It’s one of my favorite photos in the world, a reminder that girls — and women — can be bad.