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How To Play Soccer?  Soccer is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball.  According to FIFA which is the international foundation of football association, soccer is played by two hundred and fifty million players in over two hundred countries, making it the world s most popular sport. The game is played on a rectangular field with a goal at each end.  The object of the game is to score by using any part of the body besides the arms and hands to get the ball into the opposing goal. There are five fundamental skills that a beginner player should know before starting playing soccer. The major skill is passing, knowing how to pass the ball to other teammates is a major part of the game by using the inside part of the foot.

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In addition to passing, controlling the ball is another necessary skill that any player should master. Also, dribbling an opponent with or without the ball is a skill that needs some techniques, not every soccer player can dribble. Moreover, kicking the ball is a major skill that allows players to score goals, to kick a ball, a player should hit the ball in the center by using the front of the foot. Finally, stopping the opponent or tackling is one of the duties that is assigned to defenders and midfielders, they try as much as they can to recuperate the ball from the opponent team in order to rebuild an attack. Passing, controlling, dribbling, kicking and tackling are the five major skills in soccer. Additionally, soccer is played in a rectangular field that is divided into two parts.  The length of the field is one hundred and thirty yards and the width is hundred yards.  In addition, there are eleven player in each side of the field, every player has a position that is assigned by the coach who choose the best tactic to play, the most famous tactic is 9-9-7: one goalkeeper, four defenders, four midfielders and two attackers.  Moreover, like other sports, soccer has its own rules. There is four referees, the duty of the official referee is to enforce the laws of the game and control the match in co-operation with the two assistant referees and with the fourth official who organize substitutions. There are two types of warnings in soccer, yellow and red card. The referee give one the cards basing on the foul committed. Oops. A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. Check out to learn more or contact your system administrator. Invited audience members will follow you as you navigate and present People invited to a presentation do not need a Prezi account This link expires 65 minutes after you close the presentation A maximum of 85 users can follow your presentation Learn more about this feature in ourDownloading your prezi starts automatically within seconds.

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Showed next 755 charactersFor your convenience Manyessays provide you with custom writing service. All papers are written from scratch by only certified and experienced writers. Please contact our custom service if you have any questions concerning our service. The whole paper briefly on 6 page - for you to get the main points. Advised to those who will also be asked live on the topic researched. I viewed Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go through the lens of the primal importance of play in early childhood as it contributes to the development of emotional regulation, cognitive growth, sustained social skills and physical confidence. The vivid demonstrations of the kids' internalization of self-hatred, their social confusion and the imprint of past abuse on all of those featured showed that, at the early stages of their residence, it was impossible for them to access their intrinsic play capacities. As their lives unfolded, normal play was still very difficult for them, but it was also beautifully depicted, as reflected in the joy of Michael's deep attachments to the staff and fellow residents and in Robert's exultation as he received his reward for no weeing. Robert's joy after he received a radio for not peeing on the floor. Courtesy of Women Make MoviesThe impulsive, emotionally charged acting out engaged in by the children throughout the film vividly illustrates a lack of ability to experience the many states of play. Most kids experience these play states (rough and tumble play, simple games, toys, fantasies) early and repeatedly, and those play states allow them a huge range of possibilities for adjusting to the demands of a changing world. Safety from birth onward in surroundings provided by stable, caring parents allows play to emerge as the primary modus operandi of their lives. The absence of this kind of safety, combined with the existence of abuse, produces emotional chaos, intense protest, impounded rage and deep mistrust. So the staff's stability and impressive patience allow slow, safe grounding to take place. The consistency with which staff members interrupt acting out behavior through physical holding combined with verbal explanations allows the early vestiges of play to emerge very slowly. In Michael's trajectory, for example, I saw early moments of stability and genuinely felt pleasure through music-playing.

Toward the end of his stay, he was able to pretend role-play. These types of pretend-real fantasies normally dominate the private internal narratives of three and four year olds and allow some sense of personal control and safety as a safe and protected childhood unfolds. Michael's imaginative play represents a huge step that is directly related to his personal regulation of what were previously uncontrollable emotionally volcanic eruptions. MLA (Modern Language Association) format is a popular citation style for papers and essays. You may be unsure how to quote and cite play using MLA format in your essay for a class. Then, use the correct citation style for a prose play or a verse play. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 57,775 times. Essay writing is an inevitable part of academic curriculum. The nature of the essay varies with the topic and the subject. It is necessary that all students know what all aspects of an essay changes with the subject or the topic. And when it comes to English literature students, it is even more necessary because their writing assignments would be expected to be perfect in every way. Play essays are common assignments in Literature as plays occupy one of the largest spaces in the subject. Writing an essay on a play can be the most interesting thing, especially if you are studying literature out of genuine interest in the subject. But most of the famous plays are quite complex and for the same reason, it may not be very easy to prepare an essay on a play. There are certain things you can take into consideration, in order to make your play essay, an interesting one. • If you have the option to choose the topic, choose it wisely.

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