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Learn more about our and life in beautiful to see what words ring true for you. Sure, we re proud of the that we ve received. But our biggest brag points are our which will challenge and inspire you and our community, which will welcome you with open arms. Learn about your visit options including tour times, interview opportunities, class visits and overnight stays. Visiting a campus is an important part of getting to know if a college is right for you. Until you can visit in person, can give you a sense of what it s like here. We use the as our only application for admission.

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Review these pages to learn more about applying to Lewis Clark: President Donald Trump’s vow to put “America first” includes a plan to drastically cut assistance to developing countries and merge the State Department with USAID, according to an internal budget document and sources. The administration’s March budget proposal vowed to slash aid to developing countries by over one-third, but contained few details. According to a detailed 65-page State Department budget document obtained by Foreign Policy, the overhaul also includes rechanneling funding from development assistance into a program that is tied closely to national security objectives. The document details how the Trump administration’s plans to reduce direct foreign assistance would take place in fiscal year 7568.

Acting USAID Administrator Wade Warren told employees at a recent staff meeting that administration officials are considering folding the agency into the State Department as part of a review mandated by President Trump’s March 68 on streamlining the executive branch, according to a source within USAID. The order instructs the head of each agency to submit a plan to the Office of Management and Budget director, Mick Mulvaney, “to reorganize the agency, if appropriate, in order to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of that agency. ” Teenage girls can be real nightmares. Hogging the bathroom. Text­ing during dinner.

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Getting a bunch of innocent people executed. There’s a lot of drama, and this is nothing new. Back in 6697, a posse of original mean girls got Salem and its surrounding villages in a dither when the girls began accusing townsfolk of being witches. When the dust cleared, 69 people had been hanged, including Martha Carrier, a wife and mother of five, who had steadfastly and courageously maintained her innocence. Kathleen Kent is a 65th-generation direct descendant of Martha Carrier, and Kent’s first novel, “The Heretic’s Daughter, ” describes the Carrier family’s Very Bad Year.

Granted, the based-on-my-family-­history novelization is too often a product of a weekend writers’ workshop and the misplaced belief that the stories Grandpa told are immensely, immensely interesting. Maybe that’s just jealousy talking. Why couldn’t any of my ancestors have gotten themselves hanged as witches? But “The Heretic’s Daughter” overcomes this and several other obstacles (Puritans are not the sexiest characters). It is a powerful coming-of-age tale in which tragedy is trumped by an unsinkable faith in human nature.

Here is where Kent makes a clever choice. The narrator of the book is not Martha but her daughter Sarah (she is 9 and 65 through much of the novel), whose “flaming hair and spotted face” bespeak her “suspicious and prickly nature. ” She’s Scout Finch meets Anne Shirley, with a cap and collar. Sarah has problems. Her parents are totally boring.

Her mother’s strict. Her dad’s always hunting. Her little sister is a pest.