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Graham turnbull memorial international human rights essay competition

 whose hearts and minds were filled with hope as First Nations voices called for acknowledgement in the Constitution and recommended treaties to bring about structural reform for socio-economic improvement. There have been many consultations and reports over many years, with the latest being the Uluru Statement from the Heart. The   calls for ‘constitutional reforms to empower our people and take a  rightful place in our own country’. It calls for a constitutionally guaranteed advisory body to provide advice to Parliament. The proposed body has no voting rights and will not alter the make-up of the Australian Parliament, but it will, for the first time, give First Nations peoples a voice to Parliament. It also seeks a Makarrata Commission to commence treaty negotiations engaging with all Australian governments and more active steps for ‘truth telling about our history’. We are concerned about the negative response from the Australian Government to the Uluru Statement from the Heart.


Many First Nations peoples that we know and respect are again experiencing a governmental rejection of their views. Donut Press is an independent poetry publisher, founded in 7556 by Andy Ching and Liam Relph.

Donut Press are not currently considering new material for publication. In early 7568, Donut Press will publish The Caught Habits of Language, an anthology of 655 poems to mark the centenary of the influential Scottish poet W.

The anthology will be edited by Rachael Boast, Nathan Hamilton and Andy Ching, with an introduction by the Sunday Times poetry critic Jeremy Noel-Tod. It will include contributions from leading UK and US poets, and a number of previously unpublished poems by W.

Graham himself. Situated in the heart of Bloomsbury, close to the British Museum, they are one of the best independent bookshops in our fair isles.

They have a generous stock of Donuts (books, that is) and a wonderful, well-informed poetry bookseller in the shape of John Clegg. They're well worth a visit -- in person or on their website. Check out what John has to say about some of his favourite Donut Press books on the LRB blog. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------