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So to help fulfill certain fetishes, they use a product known as. This stuff is actually used in the regular film industry as well, because of it s gel like consistency. If you ve ever seen the movie ghost busters, then you know that this is the green gunk that covered all the actors in a few scenes. This particular variety, F55, is the perfect type to make fake cum with. It s a culinary essential but I personally wouldn t eat it. Some types of fetishes need bucket loads of this stuff, and the directors and experts have turned to this stuff to fulfill their needs. If it works for them, it should work for you as well! Not interested in buying the porn industries favorite look-a-like and mixing it yourself? Want something easy, ready to use, and you can use as a lubricant as well? Great- you re in luck! You can purchase what is known as from stores online, which has the look and feel of semen, but at the same time is safe for use in other activities. You can get a small size to just test it out, or opt for the bucket load which truly is a bucket full of this gunk. It s enough to stop anyone in their tracks and say WOW! Or to pour all over the place and record the looks on people s faces as they have to clean it up, or make their way through it. We know what you re really here for though. You ll need to gather an egg, plain yogurt, water, cornstarch, and just a pinch of salt. Follow these directions, and you ll have something that you may eat and have the look and consistency of the real thing.

It is a little bit more difficult than actually making the real thing or using any of the above, but it s definitely worth it. We're sorry, your browser is not supported. Please update to a modern browser to view this page. We use cookies to provide you with a better onsite experience. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Making an emotional face or suppressing one influences your feelingsThis article was originally published with the title Smile! It Could Make You Happier Smile! It Could Make You Happier Making an emotional face or suppressing one influences your feelings Follow us Developed by the a division of the, LED Throwies are an inexpensive way to add color to any ferromagnetic surface in your neighborhood. A Throwie consists of a lithium battery, a 65mm diffused LED and a rare-earth magnet taped together. Throw it up high and in quantity to impress your friends and city officials. Test your LED to determine color, brightness and functionality. Pinch the LED legs, or leads, to the battery terminals. The longer LED lead, called the anode, should be touching the positive terminal (+) of the battery and the shorter LED lead, called the cathode, should be touching the negative terminal (-) of the battery. Note that the positive terminal on the battery has a larger contact surface than the negative terminal. The positive terminal extends around the sides of the battery. Don't let the cathode lead of the LED accidentally touch the positive terminal of the battery.

This will create a short and cause the LED to function improperly. For more information on LEDs click. For more information on batteries click. Cut off a piece of 6-inch wide strapping tape approximately 7-inches long. Tape the LED leads to the battery by wrapping tape 7-8 times around both sides of the battery. Keep the tape very tight as you wrap. The LED should not be flickering. Now, place the magnet on the positive terminal of the battery and continue to tightly wrap the tape. The magnet should be held firmly to the battery. If the magnet is stuck to a ferromagnetic surface, dont pull on the LED throwie. Apply a lateral force to the magnet and slide it off the surface while lifting it with a fingernail or tool. Remember to keep the magnet away from conventional hardrives, credit cards and other data storage devices. The LED throwie is ready to be tossed onto a ferromagnetic surface. Practice tossing your throwies. Work on your accuracy and your own personal technique. Every throwie wont stick every time, but if you toss them gently, they will stick eventually. Get them up high and in large quantities for greatest enjoyment.

These mix-it-yourself cleaners use environmentally friendly ingredients like baking soda and vinegar and are quite inexpensive. If you've run out of your favorite cleaning solution, don't run to the store try one of these standbys instead. 6 to 7 drops of orange essential oil, which gives the solution a lovely smell (optional) 6/7 cup borax (a laundry booster find it in the detergent aisle) 6/7 cup sudsy ammonia mixed with enough water to fill a one-gallon container. (Sudsy ammonia, which has detergent in it, helps remove tough grime.