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Android users, on the other hand, can choose from a number of different language input tools, and the same applies to Linux. Once installed these input method editors, or IMEs, allow Linux users to input text in their native language. There are a few key concepts to understand when working with multi-lingual text. The language you see on your screen, both when you are entering it and when the computer is displaying it for you, depends on the following parts. The first method uses your current keyboard layout. But you can designate one of its keys as the Compose key. A common choice is the right Alt key, sometimes labeled Alt Gr.

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When you hold this key down and enter other characters in the correct order, the system takes them to mean the accented character. For example, when holding the Compose key and pressing e then (a single quote), this is interpreted as e with an acute accent:. This method is useful if you re using these characters relatively often, as you ll always have access to them. A downside is that you ll lose use of your right Alt key for functions such as switching tasks (the left Alt will still work in this regard). The setting for this can be found in the KDE System Settings Input Devices Keyboard screen, then click the Advanced tab, and look for the option called Position of Compose Key.

It lists several options, just select your favorite and click Apply. To do the same thing in Unity, go to Sytem Settings Keyboard, then click on the Shortcuts tab. Select the Typing item, and you ll be able to configure the Compose Key on the right. In Unity, right-click on the keyboard icon ( En for English speakers) in the top-right of the menu bar, and select the Text Entry item. In the Text Entry window, click the + to add a Text Entry method, then search for English (International AltGR dead keys).

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