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W e live in a crazed, image-saturated world of social media and advertising. In an unfiltered way, sexualized images of women and power images of men bombard us daily every hour. What do these images tell us about the place of women? How are men objectified into certain characteristics? Are we really predetermined to have certain characteristics, behaviors, and thoughts? All of these images collectively create a social construction of gender and gendered stereotypes. And many times we buy into these ideas, even implicitly in subtle ways.

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Expectations result in realities. The reality is that rigid gender role expectations limit people from their potential and opportunities. In a recent ad campaign, run like a girl, #likeagirl, marketers with asked, When did doing something like a girl become an insult? The ad challenges the notion and reminds us that society s influence on girls at puberty lowers self-esteem. It s not only advertisements: we, as parents and community members, choose words that limit people by gender as well.

Have you ever overheard something like this: Why can t I, Mom? (young child), because girls don t do that (parent). Or, for example, when a young boy is emotionally hurt by a classmate and the response is to man-up or boys will be boys. I wish that these statements weren t so powerful, but they are. And, even for those of us who had parents that said, You can be anything you want, many of us realize that some professions or life goals might be harder than others due to our gender.

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Yet, gender inequities still persist today. The facts are that women earn 77-87 cents for every dollar that men earn. Women hold only 5% of the top positions in Fortune 555 companies (Pew Research Center). 8%) serve in the United States House of Representatives. If our statements didn t matter, then these statistics wouldn t be real. We can create personal and structural limitations, or we can create opportunities for boys and girls, men and women.

And I, for one, hate glass ceilings. He came to free us and transform our lived experience. Could we be free of these rigid roles and gendered captivities? One day during church, our pastor was preaching about Luke 8. I couldn t help but notice a few verses earlier: Luke 8:

6 said, Soon afterward he went on My curiosity led me to question, after what? In a previous verse, Jesus has something to say to you (Luke 7: 95). He challenges the status quo and asks us to see this woman in a new light. After he radically challenges the men in the room in the house of a city leader, no less he proceeds to allow women to accompany him into his ministry Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna. Smoking can constrict the blood vessels in the brain this can be a contributing factor in mental health issues for some individuals.

Commit to periods of daily relaxation. Experiment until you find the relaxation technique that is right for you. You should schedule at least 75 minutes a day to wind down, and actively reflect on your life (i.