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Home to a huge breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise ranging from the medieval period to the current century and covering every major world economy. We are one of the largest specialist departments in the country, with 75 full- and part-time time teachers, as well as visiting academics and researchers. LSE is a private company limited by guarantee, registration number 75577. 7568 Interactive Investor Services Limited. All Rights Reserved. Interactive Investor Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Interview with Zelal Ayman: Women’ Movement and Local Administration As Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) we had an interview with Zelal Ayman.

Interview with Professor Ahmet Sözen: Cyprus Peace Negotiations and Future of the Island Peace negotiations between the leaders of two parties, Nikos Anastasiadis and Mustafa.

Papers on Social Representations PSR

Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) Interview with Professor Tom Ruys: “Operation Euphrates Shield: The Legality of Turkey’s Recent Military Intervention in.

Center for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) Interview with Rita Ender: “A documentary chasing minority identity, language and the Last Words…” As Research.