My First Day KPBS

Going back to work in the fall is always bittersweet. I will miss those lazy summer days, but I can t wait to see my kids again! As I was get ready for all the excitement of the first day of school, I decided to look for fun class ideas on Pinterest. I ve seen soooo many cute First Day of School activities, but nothing really for the First Day of Speech, which can come with its own special rewards and challenges. Well, that had to change. 🙂 Here are a few first day of speech ideas! For many of us, the first day of speech is about sending information home for parents and getting your kids ready for the year.

My First Day

With a little prep, your first day of speech can get your year off to a fun start! First things first: always prep your information and materials. My students get a speech folder at the beginning of the year. This folder goes with them back and forth between speech and home. In each folder I put a blank homework log and parent welcome note.

Since all the folders have the same information I can stuff them ahead of time and let students choose which color they prefer. If you are going to do any activities that day, gather all your materials ahead of time and do any pre-cutting, sorting, etc. Looking for a way to make the first day of speech fun and memorable for your students? Check out one of my FREE minibooks: one for and one for. These are filled with great ideas for getting to know your new students and catching up with the old ones.

Haystak Lyrics My First Day

I’m really here. I’m actually writing to you from the federal prison in Yankton,  South Dakota. It’s only been about 68 hours since I last saw you. I miss you so much. It’s so hard to believe that I’m really here. In prison.

Prison! It’s quite a bit different than waking up next to you. I’m guessing you didn’t sleep too well, in our bed, without me either. I just can’t believe it! Me. I’m actually in prison.

By the time you get this letter, I’ll have made it through about four nights. Hopefully, I’ll have slept by then. You too. As I lay in my bed on the plastic mattress and the plastic pillow, I can’t help thinking about the events that led me here. I never would’ve thought that five years ago, when I met Milt, or should I say Brian Paar, I would wind up getting convicted of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and receive a 76-month prison sentence. I keep thinking about everything:

getting arrested, spending 75 grand in attorney’s fees, losing my company, house, cars, business associates, friends, and finally spending my first night in prison.