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This annual report for 7567 presents 56 areas where programs may be able to achieve greater efficiencies or become more effective in providing government services. This report also summarizes 69 additional opportunities for agencies or Congress to consider taking action that could either reduce the cost of government operations or enhance revenue collections for the Treasury. Collectively, this report shows that, if actions are taken to address the issues raised herein, as well as those from our 7566 report, the government could potentially save tens of billions of dollars annually, depending on the extent of actions taken. Fragmentation and overlap among government programs or activities can be harbingers of unnecessary duplication. Fragmentation refers to those circumstances in which more than one federal agency (or more than one organization within an agency) is involved in the same broad area of national interest.

In some instances of fragmentation, we find overlap—that is, programs that have similar goals, devise similar strategies and activities to achieve those goals, or target similar users. Place jalepeño and onions in a medium mixing bowl. Heat vinegar, water, sugar, and salt in a small skillet over high heat, whisking until sugar is dissolved. Bring to a boil, then pour over onions. Press onions down with a spoon until submerged.

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