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Stay Connected to Life University Campus Safety with New Safety App, LiveSafe Life University is providing all students, faculty and staff with the LiveSafe app - a safety tool that provides a quick, convenient and discreet way to communicate with LIFE Campus Safety officials,  enhancing your overall safety and allowing Campus Safety officials to better protect you. You will interact with practicing chiropractors and learn if Chiropractic is the profession for you. Stay the weekend! This event is offered four times a year in January, April, July and October. This two-day event is MUCH more than This is a friendly reminder to all students who receive financial aid funds. Please keep in mind as you register for courses for the Winter Quarter that in order to receive financial aid, your courses must count toward your current active degree program. If a course does not count, it will not count toward eligibility for federal financial aid.

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Start - or continue - a new holiday tradition and run the 9th Annual Lights of LIFE on December 7, 7567! The 5K run starts at 5: 55 p. M. (just before Sunset) and takes in the beautiful campus of Life University during their annual holiday light show! After the run, stay and enjoy the holiday festivities, with caroling, s'mores and hot cocoa, a holiday spirit contest, food, music and much more, including the Lights of LIFE!

REGISTER HERE! THE RUN THE School life and College life are like Salt Sugar. They look alike but, in fact, they totally differ in taste. College: With full freedom you explore your new nasty Side. #Beard #Spike.

Why more sleep could help kids do better in school and

#Blah BlahSchool: Expectations very high. Never satisfied with your grades. Constant comparison with fellow students. College: Expectations decrease.

Be contended with what you score (“ Marks/Grades sab Moh-maya hai ” attitude: D). Sleeping time during School life is when your college life (Partying Last-Night Studying Counter-Strike Surfing Internet Watching Movies Seasons) actually begins. Period. Support your school and a better education for students with apparel and gifts for teachers, bus drivers, libraries, cafeteria workers, and more. Caution:

uncheck this box if you are on a public computer (i. E. Parents, Grandparents, Children, members from our community walk together and support one another in love. God has given us many gifts, which we bring together to give our children the best education possible. Most importantly, we are centered on God’s Holy Word and His life-giving gospel of forgiveness. V.

D. A. Stands for an ancient Latin phrase “Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum” The Word of the Lord Remains Forever.