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Exotic animals especially lions and tigers and bears oh my, can make exceptional guard animals, because think about it would you try to break into someone's house if they own a 855 lb bear or a jungle cat that is born knowing how to stalk and kill? No you wouldn't. For all the people who are ignorant for answering 'NO' how typical can you get? It's not like you're literally taking the pet from the wild, you're getting the pets from either a breeder or a pet store that has raised them to be docile and domesticated. I have two tarantulas, a corn snake and a box turtle. These animals are considered exotic and are in good shape and health because they have a great pet owner who takes care of them. Exotic animals can be just as good as dogs and cats if not better than them.

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Exotic animals need love too. Just because ignorance blinds you doesn't mean that these animals don't make great pets. ANYTHING WITH A MOUTH BITES. A dog bites, a cat bites, a bird bites, a HUMAN bites. Just because you have an irrational fear of animals you don't understand doesn't mean that they shouldn't be adopted.

I think that people should be allowed to keep exotic animals, as long as they are properly caged with no way of getting loose, and given the ample space and necessary food. Why not? It's not harming anyone, and it can also be educational for kids at the same time. Let people have their exotic animals, why not? Just like dogs and cats, every type of animal can be tamed to a point.

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Every animal also has the risk of becoming mad and killing people, but we still keep them in the house. My sister was bitten in the neck by a dog, yet people still keep dogs. From reading through both sides, I've found the ones voting yes to have the more reasoned, less knee jerk opinions. Please remember that when people say 'wild animals', they don't necessarily mean lions, tigers, and condors. 'Wild' just means undomesticated.

I actually wonder if a lot of people aren't fighting while on the same side, here. I believe that yes, we should be able to domesticate animals. Bulls, for instance, are extremely dangerous animals. But they have gone through the breeding and domesticating process. A lot of wild animals, as they are, should certainly not be used for pets.

However, I can see great potential in domesticating exotic animals. What's the least likely animal on the planet to go extinct? The cow. It needn't be tigers and lions with big sharp teeth, but perhaps the Australian possum, that could be our next pet. We're sorry, your browser is not supported.

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