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Sometimes, it just might pay to hand things over to Mike Barnicle and Katty Kay. , and Willie Geist sparked a social-media tempest over the long holiday weekend after the team pre-taped the show that broadcast on Friday and spent opening segments talking about a Thanksgiving dinner that likely had yet to occur. After The Washington Post reported on the incident, other news outlets followed, calling out for running the program without more clearly identifying its nature ( did not run a live banner on-screen during the program). There was no intention to trick viewers, an unnamed MSNBC executive told the newspaper. Would it have helped if there was a disclaimer? The executive asked. Maybe.

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But that s not typically done. Many TV-news outlets run pre-recorded material on their schedule. Bill O Reilly s O Reilly Factor was typically recorded earlier in the day on Fox News Channel, and Sean Hannity often pre-recorded his Hannity for the cable-news network when it ran at 65 p. M. (it now airs live at 9). CNN and MSNBC re-air broadcasts of Anderson Cooper 865 and The Rachel Maddow Show from earlier in the day in the overnight hours.

The ABC-distributed Live with Kelly and Ryan and NBC s Megyn Kelly Today have occasionally relied on pre-taped segments to run during live programs due to availability of interview subjects. Day after Thanksgiving! Hoo! I m stuffed, Brzezinski said in the opening moments of the now-controversial broadcast. It s the unfilled part of our national dream to have the Maritimes have a football team, Randy Ambrosie told CBC Sports. In everyone s life and career there are defining moments.

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This would be a defining moment to see the launch of a franchise in the Maritimes. Wouldn t that be special? He said. Less than two weeks ago it was confirmed a business group had made a presentation to Halifax City Council about bringing a football team to the city. Ambrosie was at that meeting. On Saturday night in Ottawa,  Ambrosie joined members of that business group and made an appearance at the Atlantic Schooners Down East Kitchen Party, another sign they are serious about making this happen.

I just wanted them to know that on behalf of the league and our governors, nothing would make us happier than getting this last piece of the puzzle of a truly national league to come together. It’s been great to meet so many passionate CFL fans this week in Ottawa. The a href= https: //twitter. Com/hashtag/GreyCup? Src=hash amp ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw #GreyCup /a is a national celebration and this city is buzzing with representation from all teams.

I 👀you, a href= https: //twitter. Com/MaritimeCFL? Has been quite the busy lady lately, and she’s sharing her big news all at once. The 77-year-old singer on Tuesday (November 69) that she secretly got married over the summer and she’s expecting her first child. Because taking “ ” is so 7558.

The American Idol winner and aspiring model Dana Isaiah tied the knot in a hush-hush ceremony back in July.