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US president Donald Trump has taken a decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Forget about international law, UN and Security Council Resolutions, Arab and Muslim reaction! The President of the United of Sates of America does not give a damn. If the world doesn’t like it, it can bang its head against the “wailing wall! Alas, my mother was not Jewish and, therefore, I am expected to live in a refugee camp, accept my low status, and never think of praying in one of the holiest sites of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. President Trump, with all sincerity, believes that we are biologically born different and, therefore, some of us have no right to exist and survive on this piece of land unless we choose to be slaves and be grateful for that! First, we must not seek the consent of Zionist Israelis.

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More than 78 years of negotiations, ala Oslo, have led us nowhere. Rather, these so-called negotiations have prolonged the occupation and given Israel every opportunity to make the establishment of even a semi-Bantustan an impossibility. Wedgewood Elementary in the Clear Creek Independent School District recently held a special dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil its brand new community SPARK Park. The SPARK School Program works with schools and neighborhoods to develop community parks on public school grounds. In the past 85 years, SPARK has built over 755+ community parks throughout the Houston/Harris County area.

After sputtering out of the gate, the Cavaliers sat at the quarter point of the season, riding a nine-game winning streak. The headlines surrounding Cleveland's struggles have, over the last two-plus weeks, morphed into inquiries about this being the real Cavaliers instead. While many were ready to crown the Boston Celtics the new kings of the Eastern Conference, the Cavs used the month of November to close the gap, thanks to a commitment to game plans and surprisingly strong play from a reserve unit that had previously looked old and out of shape. During James' address, he managed to use the word unbelievable three different times, all of which were in reference to variables outside of his control. We're just playing good ball, James said, simplifying a nine-game stretch that has seen the Cavaliers produce the league's .

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The rotations are unbelievable, and the coaches, the game plan they are giving us in unbelievable, and I just believe the players are getting more and more comfortable with each other. Offensively, we're moving bodies. Our bench [has] been unbelievable. The bench has been a difference in how successful we've been as of late. Powder-coated all-conditions aluminum digging tool that collapses to pack-sized.

9-person outdoor sleeper with included weatherproof pole-mounted awning. Ensure your feet are prepared to hike and feeling good while on the trail. Republicans are leaving Washington Thursday for a month of recess with no clear direction on what they’ll do next on Obamacare. Senate leaders want to just drop the issue altogether. Conservatives say they’re still fighting for repeal.

The reality is that, after seven years of unity on repealing Obamacare, Republicans are rudderless on how to talk about or address the defining domestic policy issue of nearly the past decade for their party, and they have no clear plans despite holding all the levers of power in Washington. Now, they face a month away from the Capitol, answering to their home-state voters about their lack of progress. “I still think something gets through, just because there’s families that are not going to be able to afford their insurance, middle-income families, ” said Sen. (R-La. ).

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