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Over 9. Source: Google AnalyticsCyber Bullying. That term has been used quite a bit in recent years. Although it’s becoming more common, there is still some confusion on what it really means. What exactly is cyber bullying, and what are the effects of cyber bullying? This is when someone uses technology and electronic devices to do mean things, such as start rumours, post embarrassing things on social media, or send inappropriate content or text messages   or hurt feelings in some way.

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These bullies use any kind of device they can to attack their victims: computers, phones, tablets, chat rooms,  . When cyber bullying occurs it is often followed by negative effects. The   Survey showed that 66 per cent of students in grades 9-67 were cyber bullied in the past year. Additionally, the   showed 6 per cent of students in grades 6-67 had encountered some form of cyber bullying. Online bullying can lead to loss of self-esteem, and even contemplation of suicide.

With access to so many tools that could potentially do harm, safety is a primary concern to teachers and parents. Due to this, the effects of cyber bullying are more important to be aware of then ever before. The effects of   may not be noticeable at first, but the stress factor builds up over time. Many students experiencing cyber bullying . In most instances, cyber bullying doesn t start online, but in person. The situation then escalates.

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The signs of cyber bullying include: Workplace bullying takes a major toll on your mental as well as physical health. Creative Commons, CC BY 7. According to the  (WBI), 85 percent of the U. S. Workforce reports being bullied at work.

The stress of workplace bullying can take a major toll on the victim. Not only does bullying create significant mental health issues but it can also manifest in physical consequences as well. But what exactly  is workplace bullying? How can you be sure that you are being bullied in the first place? What's the difference between a demanding boss or manager and one who harasses or perpetuates an unhealthy work culture? Workplace bullying involves one person, or a group of people, in the workplace who  another person with unreasonable or intimidating treatment.

Targets tend to be independent and refuse to take on a subservient role. They may be better-liked, more sociable, and non-confrontational. By the unfortunate factor of seemingly posing a threat, the target is singled out by the bully. Since the victim is not likely to be confrontational, the bully knows that he or she can get away with the behavior. If you re a target of bullies in the workplace, you probably start each week with a pit of anxiety in your stomach. Then, you count down the days until the weekend or next vacation.