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Why are the mayor's last words to Aurelio Escovar important? It's important because he is openly admitting his corruption to the dentist. As my colleague above states, the mayor equates his own power to that of the town's. The mayor represents the corrupt politicians who wield the power of the state as their own. There may also have been a note of warning in the mayor's words. When Escovar's son tells him that the mayor. When Escovar's son tells him that the mayor will shoot him if the dentist does not pull his abscessed tooth out, Escovar is unperturbed.

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He has his own gun. However, when the mayor comes in and Escovar realizes that the mayor has been suffering for five days, he puts the gun away. The mayor is in no condition to shoot anyone, least of all the dentist who can take away his pain.

It is evident that Escovar knows all about the corrupt ways of the mayor before he yanks out the infected tooth, he tells the mayor A character in these stories, or the reader, finds that appearances can be deceiving or they feature characters who struggle with the reality of their lives, possibly preferring an illusion instead. An express train passes by a cottage on the outskirts of a town for over twenty years. On each pass, the train’s engineer blows the whistle which brings a woman from the cottage, and later her daughter, to the window, and they all wave at each other.

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This means a lot to the engineer. She is always worried about what everyone else will think of her. Joe and Missie, happy newlyweds, live in a modest house in an all-black community.

A new man in town, Otis, opens an ice cream parlor, and makes a show of his gold accessories. He talks about his money and his success with women. Joe and Missie’s marriage is put to the test.

A young salesman stays at an eerily quiet but seemingly perfect bed and breakfast. With millions of pages of content, and millions of monthly visitors, ATS is an expensive site to operate. Thank you.

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