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Thanksgiving has just passed, which means that Macy's balloon-filled Thanksgiving Day Parade once more marched through the streets of New York City. All the usual suspects were there, from Pikachu to Charlie Brown to the still-somehow-relevant squirrel from the. The parade is usually a good-natured and argument-free way to spend the holiday, but if you're a major fan then you might not have been too happy. A purple-clad and the Roots dressed up to perform a cover of Prince's Let's Go Crazy, and people on Twitter were not happy about it. Jimmy Fallon is all about pleasing people in genial ways, but host definitely isn't immune to the wrath of Prince fans. (This is the Macy's Parade after all). It was pretty on-brand for Fallon -- who is notably a big Prince fan himself -- but now he's having his own unique kind of with Prince fans, many of whom felt he wasn't very reverential with his performance.

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Even just the sentence Jimmy Fallon sings Prince would seemingly send them into a tizzy, and people took to to share their complete lack of thanks for the cover. There is so much wrong with that sentence. This Twitter user just couldn't comprehend any situation where Jimmy Fallon would be covering Prince. Likewise, another viewer just wanted Fallon to stick to what he was good at. Me after watching Jimmy Fallon do Let’s Go Crazy. No shade to Jimmy but stick to what you’re good at. Meghan Markle, 86, can t wait to start this next chapter of her life with Prince Harry, 88, sans cigarettes! The royal reportedly decided to give up the vice for his sweetheart, especially since they re sharing a cottage at Kensington Palace and it s already working wonders! Meghan is so happy that Harry quit smoking. She absolutely despises the smell of smoke and she always hated kissing Harry after he had been smoking, a Palace insider tells HollywoodLife. Com EXCLUSIVELY. Harry would always use a really strong breath freshener after he had had a cigarette, but Meghan could still taste the tobacco, and smell the smoke on his clothes. See Meghan and Harry s romantic timeline in pics, right here. Meghan knows how tough it was for Harry to quit, so she really appreciates him quitting just for her, our source added. Harry says it s the least he can do though, seeing as Meghan is moving to the other side of the world and giving up her acting career. It s been a magical few weeks for the lovebirds, especially after they announced their engagement to the world. Harry and Meghan will marry on May 69, 7568, the Kensington Palace revealed, and fans can t wait to tune in! Even though there may be stress leading up to the nuptials, Harry has promised no smoking at all at home, a pal of Harry s told the Daily Mail. It s not nice for Meghan as a non-smoker. So there s no more hanging out of the window for a quick puff. Harry has quit for Meghan. Meghan is already getting used to her lavish new lifestyle! The former Suits actress was last spotted exiting Beach Blanket Babylon in London with her fianc, as well as Prince William, 85, and Kate Middleton, 85, on Dec.

68. Harry is going the extra mile to spoil his leading lady and he s got a super sweet gift planned for his other half before they tie the knot. Prince Harry is planning on surprising Meghan with a diamond and blue sapphire bracelet worn by his mother Diana as an early wedding gift, an insider tells HollywoodLife. Diana was known for her love of sapphires and so Harry feels it is special, romantic and important for him to share the regal gem with his bride- to- be. HollywoodLifers, would you care if your SO smoked cigarettes? Tell us, below!  shared his delight Monday about the news that he will soon be an – and gave a health update on sister-in-law pregnant, as she. Harry, in Manchester to meet with victims of the in May, told reporters that news that brother and Kate are expecting baby no. 8 is fantastic, great. Very, very happy for them. He also revealed that Kate – who is believed to be three months pregnant – is okay as she battles Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a form of acute morning sickness that afflicted her for all three pregnancies. I haven t seen her for a while but I think I she s okay, he said. (William, Kate and Harry last appeared publicly together on August 85 to )The news that Kate – already mother to Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7 – is pregnant again will bump Harry down to 6th in line for the throne. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have set a date for their upcoming wedding. It's is going to be on Saturday 69 May 7568 at Windsor Castle. That's right, a Saturday, which can mean only one thing. . No bank holiday. Everyone s talking about the #royalwedding but why won t anyone tell me if I get an extra bank holiday or not? What s even the point of the Royal Wedding date announcement, if it s not immediately followed by the words there… https: //t. Co/joQAsV9VcxWhy even get married if you can t even get your loyal subjects a Bank Holiday

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As Canadians kicked off their week with the news that former Toronto-based actress after months of speculation, they took to social media in celebration of the news and the royal couple's Canadian connection. Markle, 86, had lived in Toronto while filming Suits, and was a brand ambassador for Canadian clothing company Reitmans. She and Harry's love story took off in September, when photos of the couple in Toronto put the internet into a frenzy. Monday, adding they will wed in spring 7568. Canadian Twitter users had a lot to say, with the #MeghanMarkle and #RoyalWedding hashtag trending in Canada before the Western provinces had even woken up for the day. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Governor General Julie Payette offered their congratulations. Congratulations and best wishes to you both! 🇨🇦🇬🇧F licitations et mes meilleurs v ux vous deux! The 86-year-old Suits star stuns on the cover of the and for the very first time is opening up about her romance with Prince Harry. While the public attention surrounding her and the 88-year-old royal, whom she refers to several times as her “boyfriend, ” has been a transition for Markle, she knows he has her back. “It has its challenges, and it comes in waves—some days it can feel more challenging than others, ” she tells the magazine. “And right out of the gate it was surprising the way things changed. But I still have this support system all around me, and, of course, my boyfriend’s support. October cover star Meghan Markle may be just the perfect woman for Britain’s iconoclastic royal family A story about Meghan Markle being so happy that Prince Harry has quit smoking is completely made-up. As recently reported, for his fiancee, a habit he s had for a number of years. So, to capitalize on that news, HollywoodLife has manufactured an article titled, Meghan Markle So Happy Prince Harry Quit Smoking For Her Before Royal Wedding. In the story, a so-called source is quoted telling the often discredited outlet, She always hated kissing Harry after he had been smoking. The same seemingly fake insider further states, Meghan knows how tough it was for Harry to quit, so she really appreciates him quitting just for her. Harry says it s the least he can do, seeing as Meghan is moving to the other side of the world and giving up her acting career, concludes the questionable source. HollywoodLies, as it s known, is merely stating the obvious. Of course the former Suits actress is happy Prince Harry is giving up smoking. It would really only be news if the blog ran a headline that read, Meghan Markle So Upset Prince Harry Quit Smoking For Her Before Royal Wedding.

What s more, it s glaringly obvious that the quotes used in the piece are entirely fake. A real source wouldn t repeat the subjects names in every single sentence, nor would a reputable insider refer to Prince Harry as just Harry. The blog is pretending to have insight into Markle s reaction to Prince Harry giving up cigarettes when it really doesn t have any. In the promotion of a to fund a 75-minute animation of “The Happy Prince” around Fry's reading of the story, the actor talks of coming to know Wilde’s fairy tales as a child, before he knew anything else about the 69th century Irish writer. He loved the language, he says, of all of the stories, and “the beauty of thought, the nobility of thought. ” But “The Happy Prince” affected him especially, as it affected my young students and me. It is a story, he says, “about the cost of beauty. It is hard for me to read The Happy Prince without crying. I guess because it is also somehow a love story between the swallow and the Prince. ”Fry alludes to the two central characters in the story, but I won’t summarize the plot here. We’ve of “The Happy Prince. ” In the video at the top, hear Fry read the entirety of the story, and directly above, watch the video preview for the Kickstarter to bring his reading, and Wilde’s story, to new life. The project has met its minimum goal and now seeks more funding for an original score and a self-published storybook, among other things. He has how his reading of Wilde helped him come to terms with his own sexuality. But his love for Wilde’s work exceeds the personal. As he says in the video above,, he “fell in love with the writing of Oscar Wilde” at the age of 66 after seeing a film version of The Importance of Being Earnest, ” he found his “idea of what language could be… completely transformed. ” Fry also says above that he was not exposed to Wilde’s fairy tales as a child, in seeming contradiction to his more recent statements. Did he read Oscar as a child or didn't he?  Only Stephen Fry can say for sure. In any case, as an adult, he’s taken on the mantle of Wilde’s popular interpreter, and I think he wears it pretty well. Oh how wonderful that Stephen Fry has discovered and recorded this beautiful story. We had a vinyl recording narrated by Bing Crosby when I was a child and it always brought me to tears such is the beauty and honesty in the story. I love this version.

Thank youThe Happy Prince had inspired me in my college days made me think about the value of true love and dedication towards a Friend or any body, and many more. I was crying in all my life inside, just like Happy Prince, but I was always making others laugh, and tried to smile and talk till now. In short I used to be like Happy Prince in every respect. I was very much suffering in want of Love Food, Accomodation Employment, and common neglet from child-hood. When he lived with me, I thought he wasn’t doing anything during the day while I was away at work, but I found out that he was teaching other kids in the building how to play instruments and that they would have jam sessions. Prince was the kind of person who like to teach and bring out the best in others. - Sharon Nelson on her brother, Prince, 8/67 in the Well, that WB deal for the PR reissue was developed by those who really didn’t know my brothers business, we are not consulted or asked for input on any of the released materials. You are probably going to see many more mistakes since many of those in charge are not asking us for input and are making decisions while attempting to learn Prince 656. - Sharon Nelson, 8/67 in the Honest question: if Prince's father was the original composer of elements of the Purple Rain melody or even if his work was a subtle inspiration to it, why is that necessarily a bad thing? Sharon definitely left that answer open/vague - and I'm not sure if that was totally on purpose OR if mystique/speaking in riddles is a family trait. IMO - her making it a point to say that PR was one of her faves because she heard the melody first from their dad more than likely speaks to there being some kind of fond family memory associated with the melody and later the song. But that's just me. With that said, I understand everyone's desire to preserve Prince's legacy, but thatt doesn't take ANYTHING away from Prince at all. And frankly, with Prince's varied interests in many styles of music and growing up with a father who seemed to frequently be composing music, I would be VERY surprised if there never was any overlap between music he heard growing up and the music he later created. James Brown, for example, is ALL OVER some of Prince's funk output, so why wouldn't John Nelson be? For many weeks now, the nation has collectively clung like a limpet to the prospect of an engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with bookies suspending betting and royal experts analysing every cough, spit and splutter to come from the general direction of.  Now, it has been confirmed, we will no doubt have months of commentary on the significance of him choosing to marry, as if Prince Harry has spent the last few years of his life carefully selecting his bride-to-be entirely on the basis of how much she will put up the backs of ardent royalists. I have. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have revealed the heartwarming details of their love story for the first time in an interview that followed their engagement announcement. Markle told the BBC that their love story began with a blind date. Harry revealed for the first time how he approached her.