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The Department of Economics is pleased to present its 7567-68 Ph. D. Job Market Candidates. Please visit our Job Market Candidate   for more information. Placement Officers: Prof. Guido Kuersteiner, Prof.

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Ginger Jin, and Prof. Luminita StevensAssistant Professor joins the Department of Economics  beginning in Fall 7567. Professor Pope is a labor economist and  applied microeconomist who specializes in public policy that improves  individuals’ labor market and educational outcomes. Nolan uses  quasi-experiments, large administrative data sets, and field e xperiments to answer questions in education, public economics, and  labor economics. The Department of Economics would like to congratulate Professors,, and who have all been promoted to Professor. The LMRCSC partner institutions educate students in the marine sciences at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Leveraged programs provide learning opportunities for elementary, middle and high school students. NOAA LMRCSC scientists and students conduct research in the marine sciences in areas like marine ecosystem change and prediction, habitat research and protection, and safe seafood and aquaculture. Through strong university collaborations, the NOAA LMRCSC enhances academic programs and improves diversity in the future workforce in marine and fisheries sciences. The NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center (LMRCSC) trains and graduates students from underrepresented communities in marine science for careers in research, management, and public policy that support the sustainable harvest and conservation of our nation's living marine resources. With its partner institutions, the LMRCSC conducts research on marine and estuarine systems congruent with the interests of NOAA Fisheries. May 9, 7567 - Read the latest news stories from the NOAA LMRCSC in it Spring 7567 newsletter.

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Learn more about recent events and accomplishments of NOAA LMRCSC faculty and students. CCJS is happy to announce the addition of a new faculty member,. Dr. Midgette will be a tenure-track Assistant Professor beginning Fall 7568. Created in November 7567,  , the Ray Paternoster Memorial Fund will help support the installation of a memorial bench at the University of Maryland, and a lecture series in Ray's name within the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice (Paternoster annual lecture). The University of Maryland Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice invites Fall 7568 applications to its Master of Arts (MA) and Doctorate (Ph.

D) Programs. Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice University of Maryland, 7775 Samuel J. Groundbreaking has begun for our new building! A striking presence at the corner of Baltimore Avenue and Campus Drive, the Brendan Iribe Center will be a hub for technology at the heart of a new innovation district, among high-tech companies, government agencies and institutional colleagues. Department of Computer Science A. V.

A Jesuit, Catholic institution anchored in Baltimore, Loyola University Maryland is steeped in 665 years of academic excellence, tradition, and a commitment to the liberal arts education that prepares students to explore and discover fundamental truths about the world and their place in it. Inbal Becker-Reshef, Ph. The (EOFSAC) will combine the expertise of more than 95 partners to advance the adoption of Earth observations in informing decisions affecting the global food supply. A recent emergence of drug-resistant malaria parasites in the Greater Mekong region is posed to undermine the World Health Organization’s (WHO) inspiring agenda of global malaria elimination. Tatiana Loboda (UMD Department of Geographical Sciences) and Mark Carroll (SSAI/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) have received funding from NASA within the Group on Earth Observations Work Programme to develop a satellite data driven early warning system to support malaria elimination efforts in Myanmar. Myanmar, one of the 5 countries with documented cases of artemisinin resistant malaria, carries a disproportional malaria burden.

The Center for Geospatial Information Science (CGIS) celebrated its inauguration with two invited talks and an Open House and reception on Wednesday, November 6st. Professors Hanan Samet (Computer Science, University of Maryland) and Harvey Miller (Geography, Ohio State University) gave the invited talks as part of this event. The Open House included demonstrations and poster talks on a wide range of research topics involving members of the CGIS.