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How Lin-Manuel Miranda's non-stop work ethic from a young age made 'Hamilton' one of the most successful musicals of all time SEVERAL months after Antonio Ramirez was shot seven times in Oakland, Calif. , the police picked up a frightened 66-year-old named Felix, isolated him in an interrogation room late at night without a lawyer, rejected his pleas to see his mother, and harangued him until he began to tell them what he thought they wanted to hear. They wanted a diagram of the crime scene, he later told his court-appointed lawyer, Richard Foxall, but whatever he drew was so inaccurate that the police never produced it. When he described escaping in one direction after the killing, they corrected him, because they knew from witnesses that the shooter had gone the opposite way. When he didn’t mention an alley nearby, they told him about it, and he incorporated it into his statement. “Now we’re getting somewhere, ” said one officer, as Felix recalled to his lawyer. So, they demanded, where was the gun?

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Felix denied having a gun. “That’s when they really got out of control and started yelling at him, ” Mr. Foxall said. “He started to feel personally threatened. ” Slyly, he made up something demonstrably untrue: that he had left the gun with his grandfather.

“I thought this was brilliant, ” his lawyer said, because it discredited the tale. “He doesn’t have a grandfather. Both grandfathers are dead. ”Once the police had badgered a rough murder confession from Felix, they taped it. Yet the confession lacked a critical detail — one that officers neglected to feed to him. Felix learned it three days later in court when he was handed the charge sheet and saw the date of the crime.

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He stared at the document and realized that he had the perfect alibi: On the day that Antonio Ramirez was gunned down, Felix had been locked up in a juvenile detention facility for violating probation in a case of theft. The murder charge was dropped, of course, and Mr. Foxall was greatly relieved. “I would have hated to have had to try the case, ” he said. “It would have been very scary.

Juries don’t want to believe that somebody will confess to a crime he didn’t commit. ” Judges don’t want to believe this either. In fact, according to Mr. Foxall, the juvenile commissioner in Felix’s case said, “Well, I don’t understand — why would he confess? ” Visited by 7. 7 million unique annual visitors, welcome to WhyQuit.

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